Identify. Evaluate. Manage.

A specialist management consultancy that helps you identify, evaluate and manage regulatory risk. Our TPD practice helps you with the Tobacco Products Directive. Our Public Policy practice helps you talk to political capitals around the world.

TPD management

We have been working on vaping and the Tobacco Products Directive for longer than anyone else. Our lobbying practice was at the forefront of its conception and our nicotine delivery practice has managed compliance with it for the leading vape companies in the US, Europe and China.

Our approach is simple: the client is king. Our mission is to help bring you into compliance with the Directive in the most cost efficient way possible.

We hit our notification deadlines and provide full traceability so clients can prove that submissions have been made. We work with the world's leading vape laboratories and aren't tied to just one, so clients get the scientific services that are right for them. We're experienced when it comes to molecular disclosure and retain one of the leading formulation chemists in vaping today. And as lobbyists, we are well placed to work closely with the European Commission and authorities across the EU, so our clients get the latest intelligence that can affect their business.

Public Policy

Our London and Brussels based public affairs practice has experience of direct and indirect advocacy in the United Kingdom and the institutions of the European Union. We have also worked with the US Federal Government to some extent. We pride ourselves on winning substantive legislative change for our clients by engaging directly with policy decision makers and the people that influence them.

In Europe, we have experience of a number of sectors including tobacco and vape, payment services, energy and international relations. We are also specialist advisors on Brexit and its implications for global commerce and can help you navigate and influence the final Brexit settlement for your sector.


Peter Beckett, Director - Peter is a leading public affairs professional and Tobacco Products Directive compliance consultant. He played a leading role in the legislative process that resulted in the adoption of the TPD and understands its provisions for vaping products in minute detail. He has also advocated for private sector interests in the fields of digital payments, international relations, chemicals and fashion. He is a former European Parliamentary advisor.

Dr Monica Vialpando, Of Counsel (TPD practice) - Monica is a pharmaceutical scientist who specialises in poorly soluble molecules. She helps PolicyMatters clients prepare their formulations for regulatory scrutiny and advises on both scientific and quality control issues. She has a background in both pharmaceuticals and vaping and completed her PhD at the University of Leuven.

Clive Cusens, Of Counsel (Public Policy Practice) - Clive is a former diplomat who served at the Permanent Representation of Malta to the European Union. During this time, he was the lead delegate in several Council Working Group as well as Expert Group Meetings organised by the European Commission. He has also worked in the European Parliament and advises clients on matters of European Public Policy. He is a graduate of the College of Europe.


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